Was Your Last Home Inspector Blind?

The six things you must know to avoid hiring the wrong home inspector.

1. Get a Home Inspector With Lots of Experience:

It takes a full time inspector 100’s of inspections to develop the eyes, ears and nose for hunting down problems. Part time inspectors simply do not have the time in the field to develop that radar. Be sure to ask how many inspections the inspector conducts annually and how many years he/she has been doing them. A quality full time inspector does at least 200 to 300 inspections annually – blind inspectors conduct 50 to 100 inspections annually. Conducting 200 to 300 inspections each year requires extensive referrals by prior clients, lenders, real estate agents and others – so there is a much greater chance the inspector is not blind.

Expert Building Inspection conducts 250 to 300 inspections annually, with over 2000 inspections completed.

2: Education and Training:

Being a contractor is very different from being a Professional Home Inspector. Home inspectors are responsible for evaluating all the systems and components of the home – not just one aspect such as the foundation or framing. To be able to provide a competent evaluation of all these elements takes formal education and training.

Our inspectors have been approved and licensed by New York State as being fully trained & certified and our members of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). Each inspector completes 22.5 hours of continuing education annually to maintain their New York State license and membership in NACHI. NACHI full membership requires 100 inspections submitted for review, passing their entrance exam annually and extensive continuing education.

3. Certification

While certifications are certainly important, it’s the combination of experience, education and training that make the difference in the competency of your next home inspector. Certification let the world know that the inspector has sufficient knowledge to pass the testing requirements, but do not confirm his ability to perform a competent inspection in the field. We all know people that are certified for one thing or another that we would not hire under any circumstances. There is simply no substitute for experience coupled with proper training.

We have over 20 years experience in the building and remodeling business including over 5 years as a full time inspector. I’ve completed over 3500 home inspections.

4. The Inspection Report:

The top home inspectors in today’s business do not produce handwritten reports. A professional inspector will provide a comprehensive report using software written specifically for home inspections. It will be void of information that does not pertain directly to the home inspected. Digital photographs will also be provided.

Expert Building Inspection uses Borealis software, a pioneer in the Home Inspection reporting software business. We always include printed pictures of the most pertinent issues and a CD with all the photos taken. You will receive an 80 page full color home maintenance manual, and a 90 day written warranty from American Home Warranty free with each home inspection. Click here for an example of our report.

5. How Long Has The Inspection Company Been in Business:

Is the company locally owned or a faceless corporation where no one is monitoring the quality of their work? If you are dealing with a multi-inspector firm, how long has the company been in business and will you get an experienced inspector or their new hire? Will you be able to directly contact your inspector with questions or have to deal with a manager who has never seen your home?

Expert Building Inspection is solely owned and operated locally. The person answering the phone is your inspector and will be available to assist you personally with first hand knowledge at any time before, during and after the inspection. John has been a full time inspector for over 9 years with over 2000 inspections completed.

6. Ask to See What Other Home Buyers Have Said About The Inspector:

Quality Professional Home Inspectors request feedback from their clients and want to know what has been done right as well as comments to improve their service. If the inspector can’t or won’t provide client referrals, he may be blind in more ways than one!

Expert Building Inspection clients gladly provide their feedback and we will be happy to share it with you. We list many client testimonials on our website, click here to take a look. If you would like to speak to a previous client we would be happy to give you a referral name & number of a recent client.