Foundation & Sub Structures

  • The structural integrity of the building foundation
  • Check basement and crawl spaces for cracks, deflection, bowing, ventilation
  • Evidence of moisture-past and present and its effects on the structure

Plumbing Systems & Fixtures

  • Check condition, age
  • Check for leaks- past or present
  • Check toilets for proper flushing, tightness to floor
  • Check all faucets for proper operation, hot and cold orientation

Heating, AC, Ventilating Systems

  • Age, operation, condition, and type of furnace, boiler or other heating system
  • Age, operation, condition, and type of air-conditioning

Roof, Chimneys & Vents

  • Quality and condition of roof
  • Type of roof covering
  • Estimated age of roof covering
  • Life expectancy of roof covering
  • Chimneys – type and condition
  • Flashings – type and condition
  • Roof accessories – skylights, vents, etc.

Electrical System & Appliances

  • Service entrance size
  • System grounding
  • Correct wire size vs. fuse or breaker sizes
  • Internal wiring condition and type
  • Outlets and switches for operation and grounding
  • Proper GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption protection)
  • Age, condition, and operation of major appliances

Attic & Interior roof

  • Signs of moisture, mold – past / present
  • Condition of roof sheathing
  • Insulation – “R-vaule”
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing, exhaust, distribution vents


  • Condition and type of interior walls, ceilings, floors
  • Operation, type, and condition of windows and doors
  • Type and condition of Chimneys, flues, dampers


  • Wall covering, trim, windows, doors
  • Stoops, steps, decks, porches, patios
  • Grading, drainage and its effect on the structure
  • Effect of shrubs and trees on the structure


A separate report is provided, if needed, listing any substantial defects likely to cost over $1500.00 to repair.

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