Pre-Listing Inspection

Market your home to sell it fast!

Today’s market is a “Buyers choice market” Thousands of homes are for sale and buyers have plenty to choose from. By having a pre listing inspection performed on the property you are selling you will have a sharp edge over your competition. The home inspection will point out “Major Concerns” that should be addressed so they don’t “Deter or Scare” buyers away from the house when the home is inspected by the buyer’s inspector.

Making the decision to sell your home is a huge step for most homeowners. But once the decision is made to sell, then making your home marketable should be your number one goal!

I understand the emotional attachment you have to your home but you must be realistic about the home as well. No home is perfect and as soon as you address that you are on your way to making your home more marketable. And remember, making your home the most marketable it can be should be your number one goal in a “Buyers Market”